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Solution: Throw Everything Out & Paint Everything White

November 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments

It’s the easiest solution to this home’s cluttered, crazy-painted look.

This bedroom has hearts on the ceiling and the walls.

red pink gray paint hearts ceiling wall bedroom cluttered poor home staging Phoenix house

This bedroom is cluttered and coated in blue paint.  Maybe the Transformers can transform it.

blue paint Transformers window curtain bedroom cluttered poor home staging Phoenix house

They need a bigger closet and better paint color.

too many clothes ugly paint color bedroom cluttered poor home staging Phoenix house

This is a bonus room.  Notice the duct tape on the mattress!  Nice touch.

duct tape on bed mattress bonus room bedroom cluttered poor home staging Phoenix house

Stenciled walls in the living room.  And the world’s shallowest desk.  Perfect for writing postcards.

stenciled walls living room cluttered poor home staging Phoenix house real estate photo

What do you notice first on the patio?  The pressboard painted blue?  The two dirty mops?  Or the dog sniffing the other dog’s butt?

patio dirty mops two dogs clutter messy Phoenix home house real estate photo

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Not a Short Sale! Not a Real Sky!

November 30th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Just to be clear…this is NOT a short sale!

Just to be clear…this is NOT an untouched photo.  Note the white areas around the tops of the trees & bushes near the roof.  Hmmm.  The sky has been photoshopped!  You can’t fool us.

not a short sale main real estate photo Phoenix home house

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They Hit Me With a Truck!

November 30th, 2009 · 3 Comments

That’s what was spray painted on the garage wall:  They hit me with a truck!

they hit me with a truck graffiti spray paint garage wall Phoenix home house real estate

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Real Estate Statistics For Phoenix, Arizona – November 30, 2009

November 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Real Estate Statistics – November 30, 2009 update:

Bank-Owned Active Listings: There are only 4,724 active bank-owned foreclosure listings in all of the Phoenix metro area, an increase of 17 over last week.  There has been less than a one-month’s supply of foreclosure listings in the Phoenix metro area for the past 5 months.  Bank-owned properties only account for 14% of all active listings.

Pending sales (properties currently under contract):  Currently, there are 11,449 pending sales in the Phoenix metro area plus an additional 6,318 contingency sales (shaky contracts). The total number of properties under contract today is 17,767.  This number has remained fairly steady for the past 3 months but will likely drop due to the season.

More and more buyers are lured into making offers on short sale listings.  Currently 9,668 properties under contract are short sale listings, or 54.4% of the total market in the Phoenix area.  Because banks take 3-4 months to make a decision on short sale contracts, the properties under contract just hang in virtual suspension.  Over 25% of all active listings are short sale properties.

Only 23% of all properties under contract are “normal” sales (non-short sale, non-bank owned).

Inventory: There are currently 33,668 active listings in MLS as of November 30, 2009, down 29 since last week.  Usually inventory declines during the holiday season.  We are still in a seller’s market in the under-$250,000 price range.


Let’s look at Phoenix, Arizona specifically.

For the city of Phoenix only, as of November 30, 2009.  Numbers are based on the orange 90-day lines. However, check out the black lines (7-day trends).  The Phoenix real estate market has shifted to a seller’s market.

Median sales price for Phoenix properties: $179,217 (down $384 in the past week).  It is an odd occurrence.  We should see a jump in prices in November as buyers scrambled to buy and qualify for the first-time homebuyers’ tax credit that expires November 30.  The 7-day trend does not look good (sharp decline).


Inventory of properties for sale in Phoenix:  5,795, down 19 since last week.  Phoenix is seeing a decrease while the rest of the metro area has an increase in inventory.  See how the market supply has shrunk this year.  Amazing.


Median price per square foot for Phoenix properties: $97/sqft, no change in the past week.


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Happy 2nd Anniversary, UglyHousePhotos.com

November 26th, 2009 · 9 Comments

Today we celebrate our 2nd anniversary at UglyHousePhotos.com.


In two years’ time, we’ve had over 30 million hits!!  Over 2 million pageviews!  And over 883,000 unique visitors!

Thanks, everyone for your support.  Keep sending photos of ugly houses (info@uglyhousephotos.com).  And your post comments are always welcome.

[We’re going to take a 3-day vacation to refresh our batteries.  We’ll be back on Monday the 30th with more photos]

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Flyswatter In the Bathroom

November 25th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Is it really that smelly & dirty in the bathroom that a flyswatter is needed?  Is this a fancy outhouse?

flyswatter in a bathroom Phoenix home house real estate photo

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Ugly Kitchen & Bathroom

November 25th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Getting rid of the ugly wallpaper is a start.  Looks like someone scribbled on the wall.

ugly kitchen peeling wallpaper fixer-upper Phoenix home house real estate photo

The bathroom needs help.

damaged bathroom shower wall fixer-upper Phoenix home house real estate photo

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At Least It Has Satellite TV

November 25th, 2009 · 5 Comments

The photo’s caption reads, “Rear of house” because it’s butt ugly.

ugly back of house home disrepair fixer-upper bad real estate photo Phoenix dirt yard

The gas pipe in the kitchen doesn’t look safe.

unsafe scary gas line pipe kitchen Phoenix home house real estate photo

Where’s the faucet for the bathtub?  Two handles, no faucet.  Must be a shower head only.

ugly bathroom shower faucet missing sponge paint Phoenix home house real estate photo

The front of the house with a crooked mailbox.

crooked bent mailbox dirt front yard poor curb appeal Phoenix home house real estate photo

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Mold & Roof Issues In the Guest House

November 24th, 2009 · 5 Comments

The guest house has roof issues which lead to mold issues.  The guest house bathroom has issues with soap scum and mildew.  Yuk.

soap scum mildew dirty filthy bathtub bathroom guest house Phoenix home real estate

This is the guest house.  Would you live there?

guest house fixer-upper damaged disrepair Phoenix home real estate photo

In the main house, there are issues with poor home staging in the living room.

garbage junk clutter living room fixer-upper Phoenix home house real estate photo

The kitchen should be cleared out too.

garbage junk clutter kitchen fixer-upper Phoenix home house real estate photo

No wonder it took over 9 months to sell.

garbage junk clutter bedroom fixer-upper Phoenix home house real estate photo

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Sturm und Drang

November 24th, 2009 · 7 Comments

The German translation: storm & stress.  Here’s the storm.  And a tiny cat flap; she/he better have excellent aim or she/he hits the wall or window.

storm painting bedroom wall mural Phoenix home house real estate photo

Here’s the stress.

storm painting bedroom wall mural Phoenix home house real estate photo

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