Best of Worst What Were They Thinking – Round 1 – Division B

March 16th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Best of Worst What Were They Thinking – Round 1 – Division B

Six candidates for your vote as Worst “What Were They Thinking” Real Estate Photos. These are actual photos used to promote the sale of the home. We look at them and wonder “Why?” and “Really?” and “What were you thinking?”
You are allowed one vote per day. The top 2 will move on to Round 2 on Saturday.

DUCT DUCT GOOSE:  Why did they put air conditioning ducts on top of the roof?  It gets a little hot in the summer in Phoenix.  We see this a lot, actually.  Owners add a room and then add A/C to it.  Not very efficient.

air conditioning ductwork bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate 

AMATEUR PAINTER:  What is that supposed to be?  A mushroom cap?  A halo?  An umbrella?  It’s not even even.

stupid dumb ugly stencil wall paint bad MLS photos Phoenix home house

SECURITY DOOR:  Why is there a close-up photo of a door?  To show that you can chain it for security?

close-up photo of front door Mesa Arizona house home real estate

UGLY SHADES:  What are these things?  Sunscreens?  Dried fish?  Smoked meat?  Why are they there?

ugly wood sun screen shades back yard patio Phoenix Arizona home house photo

SATELLITE DISH:  What is an outdated piece of technology still doing in someone’s back yard?  Is it spy equipment to listen in on the neighbors?  The 70s called; they want their satellite dish back.  This is an example of functional obsolescence.


SOMETHING:  What is that thing?  Entertainment center?  Media niche?  Bookshelf?  Display stand?  Cat tower?  Can we ask the sellers to take it with them?

ugly couch sofa bad MLS photos home house Phoenix real estate

Vote for your favorite Worst What Were They Thinking photo. Vote once per day. Voting ends Saturday morning.

What Is Your Favorite “What Were They Thinking?” Photo?
Duct Duct Goose
Amateur Painter
Security Door
Ugly Shades
Satellite Dish
Something free polls

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