Best of Worst Kitchen Cabinets

March 1st, 2011 · 2 Comments

You get to choose the UglyHousePhotos Award for Worst/Ugliest Kitchen Cabinets.  Presented here in chronological order when they were posted.

BANANAS:  Buyers are sure to go bananas for these yellow cabinets.

ugly kitchen cabinets bad MLS photos home house Phoenix real estate

SHELLACKED:  These John F. Long builder cabinets were coated with varnish and coated again just to be sure.  They shine so pretty now.  [JFL was a popular builder of affordable tract homes throughout Phoenix in the 1970s and early 1980s; his only fault is these ugly cabinets; he was a well-loved philanthropist in Arizona.]

ugly shiny kitchen cabinets John F. Long home bad MLS photos Phoenix

HEADSTONES:  What fun it must be to wash dishes in the dark corner and face an ugly green cabinet.  Is there any lighting in this kitchen?

ugly kitchen cabinets bad MLS photos Phoenix home house fixer-upper real estate

APPLE TREE:  Eve couldn’t resist the temptation to paint the cabinets.  Now we get to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

ugly kitchen design gold paint red apple tree stupid idea bad MLS photos Phoenix home

BROWN & YELLOW:  More lovely John F. Long builder cabinets in original condition, accented with mustard yellow and ketchup red.

ugly hideous gross John F. Long kitchen cabinets Phoenix home house real estate

WALLPAPERED: The yellow paint clashes nicely with the pink flowery wallpaper, the pink counters, and the red fake brick.

ugly kitchen cabinet doors shelf paper wallpaper pink counter bric-a-brac Phoenix home

SILVER: If you paint over your ugly John F. Long cabinets with silver spray paint to create a modern look, can you call this updating the kitchen?

silver painted ugly John F. Long builder kitchen cabinets Phoenix home house

PEPTO-DISMAL:  The ugly pink paint color on John F. Long cabinets makes you lose your appetite.

ugly outdated bathroom cabinets John F Long builder Phoenix Arizona home house photo

Please vote for your favorite Worst/Ugliest Kitchen Cabinets:

What Is the Worst/Ugliest Kitchen Cabinet?
Apple Tree
Brown and Yellow
Pepto-Dismal free polls

If you can’t see this poll, you can see it here.

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Best of Worst Flooring

March 1st, 2011 · No Comments

The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst Flooring go to:

7th Place - This Mesa, Arizona hallway made our list because if you don’t like tile flooring, it’s a real treat to remove.  When choosing new tile, consider your long-term and short-term plans; if moving soon, keep it neutral.

ugly tile floor bad MLS photos home house Mesa real estate

6th Place - Back when things were built to last, forever and forever.

ugly floor tile wood paneling green paint Phoenix Arizona home house

5th Place - The drapes match the rug, in delightful 1980s colors.


4th Place - Leftover pads from the local gym?  Why not just remove them before selling?

ugly sponge paint bedroom wall awful flooring bad foreclosure fixer-upper Phoenix home house

3rd Place - The floor is either half finished or half removed.  Buyers don’t have time to finish projects.  Git ‘er done before selling.


2nd Place - If it’s not parquet, it’s not better.  Looks like it would only take 20 minutes to remove the awful parquet squares; then take the photo.  Why do sellers leave these projects to the buyers?

really bad flooring parquet wood squares Phoenix home house real estate

1st Place - Leftover tile pieces create an ugly hodgepodge design.  Thanks for nothing.

ugly bad floor tile wood laminate bedroom foreclosure fixer-upper home house Phoenix

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Best of Worst Beds

February 28th, 2011 · No Comments

The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst Bed will go to a candidate that truly impresses buyers in a negative way.  You decide which bed wins as Worst/Ugliest Bed.  Presented in chronological order from earlier posts with reasons why you should select it.

GREEN VELVET: The seller incorporated the elegant green crushed velvet bedspread with the dreamy orange carpet and created a high headboard with both colors!


UNMADE:  Bed skirts, mattress pads, and bottom fitted sheets are so overrated.


RUFFLES:  Pretty pastel colors grace this delightful bedspread.  Don’t forget the brass poles!  Or the ruffled canopy!!

tacky bedroom ugly bedding bad MLS photos home house Phoenix real estate

MATTRESS TOO SMALL: It’s a safety measure.  If you fall off the small mattress, you are cushioned by the larger mattress.  Clever idea.

bedroom bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

EASTER FLOWERS: Nothing says Easter Fun Time like a matched set of bedspread and drapes!

tacky pink bed spread drapes bedroom bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

RED FLOWERS: This isn’t shabby chic, it’s classy chic!

red white bedroom décor window coverings bedspread roses staging bad MLS photos

SUNKEN MATTRESS:  This mattress lost its spring a long time ago.

sunken old worn-out mattress bedroom Phoenix home house real estate photo

MATTRESS TOO BIG:  Houston, Texas, where everything is bigger.

poor home staging bedroom clutter ugly mattress Houston house real estate photo

PILED HIGH:  They’re putting on the play The Princess and the Pea at the Abilene, Texas community theatre.

the princess and the pea too many bed mattresses Abilene Texas home house real estate

COVERED UP:  Sun City, Arizona.  We haven’t heard from Grandma in two weeks.

lumpy bed something hiding under sheet bedroom staging Sun City Arizona home house

Vote for your favorite Worst Bed.

What Is the Worst Bed?
Green Velvet
Mattress Too Small
Easter Flowers
Red Flowers
Sunken Mattress
Mattress Too Big
Piled High
Covered Up free polls

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Best of Worst Drum Sets In Real Estate Photos

February 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Can we have a drum roll please?  The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst Real Estate Photos With Drum Sets go to, in no particular order:

No excuses.  It took these sellers 9 months to sell.  Wonder why.

no excuses band equipment Christmas tree poor home staging Phoenix house real estate

They’ve got a keyboard and a drum set.  Just need a guitarist to complete the band.


SpongeBob SquarePants formed a band.


They perform along with the American Idol contestants.

clutter bedroom drums staging bad MLS photos Phoenix homes real estate agent

Nothing like a little lullaby on the drums to help you fall asleep.

bedroom drum set bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

American Bandstand.

drum set band in dining room poor home staging Phoenix Arizona house

They ordered special soundproofing blinds.

drum set in guest bedroom poor home staging Phoenix Arizona house real estate photo

The first thing buyers see when entering the home is a drum set.  Is this a smart home staging decision?

drum set in living room poor bad home staging Phoenix Arizona house real estate photo

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The UglyHousePhotos Tribute To the 2011 Academy Awards

February 27th, 2011 · No Comments

The Oscars will be televised tonight!  It’s the 2011 Academy Awards!

Let’s take a twist on the Top 10 Nominated Movies with our version we call the Uglies.

Which movie do you think will win tonight?  (in alphabetical order)

BLACK SWAN.  “What happened to my sweet girl?”

etched glass swan ugly shower doors bathroom home staging bad MLS photos Phoenix

THE FIGHTER.  That punching bahg gawt beat up real bad.

punching bag back yard patio bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

INCEPTION.  It’s a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream.


The KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.  They do seem pretty content.

kitchen bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

THE KING’S SPEECH.  Elvis (The King) lives on in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Elvis blanket rug wall tacky Pittsburgh home house real estate bad MLS photos

127 HOURS.  I’d saw off my right arm just to get that New York clock to match the others.

4 clocks on the wall incorrect time for New York home staging Phoenix Arizona house

SOCIAL NETWORK.  He’s checking his FaceBook updates.

man in photo computer desk bedroom bad MLS photos Phoenix home house real estate

TOY STORY 3.  Even Buzz LightYear and Woody are ashamed of this mess.

messy kid's bedroom toys stuff clutter everywhere Phoenix Arizona home house photo

TRUE GRIT.  It takes place in the mountains, right?  Well, the true original version with John Wayne did.

large huge big photo mural Grand Tetons Phoenix Arizona home house

WINTER’S BONE.  I didn’t know pink flamingos migrate to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the winter.

plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament snow front yard Cedar Rapids Iowa home house

Be sure to vote for your favorite movie of 2010 here:

What’s Your Favorite Movie of 2010?
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King’s Speech
127 Hours
Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter’s Bone free polls

Honorable Mention:  How To Train Your Dragon.  Puff the Magic Dragon lives on in Springfield, Massachusetts.

photo mural river hot air balloons dragon stuffed animal Springfield Massachusetts home

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Best of Worst Artwork On Display

February 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  How do these examples of “art” strike you?  You get to vote and decide.  They are arranged in chronological order from 2008 to 2011.

Our Top Ten Candidates for Worst Artwork On Display In a Real Estate Photo are:

Dolphin Velvet Painting


Four Red Aliens


Green and Brown Dirt

dumb sea shell room divider bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

Ugly Palm Tree

ugly artwork art gallery home house for sale Phoenix poor staging

Yellow Splotch.  Bacliff, Texas.

ugly art painting messy hallway garbage Bacliff Texas home house bad real estate photos


crazy stupid dumb bad craft project marbles glued to wall Phoenix home house

Bathing Beauty in Roswell, New Mexico.

cluttered bedroom weird ugly painting Roswell New Mexico home house

Squiggles in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ugly abstract painting can of Raid bleach bottle rat Tulsa Oklahoma home house

Slug Riding a Horse?

abstract wild crazy weird painting artwork Phoenix Arizona home house

Three Aliens in Surprise, Arizona.

ugly art work painting of three aliens ugly rug piano Surprise Arizona home house photo

Be sure to vote for your favorite bad art!

Which Art Is the Worst?
Dolphin Velvet
Four Red Aliens
Green and Brown Dirt
Ugly Palm Tree
Yellow Splotch
Bathing Beauty
Slug Riding a Horse
Three Aliens free polls

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Best of Worst Dirt & Dust

February 26th, 2011 · 3 Comments

The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst Dirt and/or Dust go to:

5th Place - Cobwebs everywhere in this neglected home.  Someone lived here with the cobwebs (and filth and cat urine smell and mouse poop, etc.).

spider webs dirty filthy disgusting nasty fixer-upper home house Phoenix

4th Place - Got dust?


3rd Place - Greasy kitchen that was never cleaned.  Sticky cabinet doors.  Yuck.

dirty greasy disgusting gross ugly nasty filthy kitchen cabinets Phoenix Arizona home house

2nd Place - Year and years of dust accumulated on the popcorn ceiling.

dirty filthy disgusting nasty popcorn ceiling dust dirt fixer-upper Phoenix home house

1st Place - How can people live like that?  Gag.

disgusting filthy dirty gross cat fur hair ceiling fan blades foreclosure Phoenix home house

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100 Million All-Time Hits At!!!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! just surpassed 100 million hits all-time in the 3.3 years we’ve been up and running.

Over 7,732,000 page views all-time.

Over 3,346,000 unique visitors all-time.

Thank you for visiting us and supporting us!!

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Best of Worst Carpeting

February 25th, 2011 · 1 Comment

The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst & Ugliest Carpet go to:

6th Place - Ugly pink & green carpet.  Be careful not to ever spill anything in the kitchen.


5th Place - Leftover carpet from the casino?

tacky ugly Las Vegas casino carpet bright wall paint colors bad MLS photos Phoenix

4th Place - Industrial carpet that looks like wood planks.  Not exactly the kind of wood flooring buyers want.

simulated wood carpet bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

3rd Place - So 1970s.  What were we thinking back then?  It looks like the carpeting we had in my family’s den back then.

sculpted carpet 1970s bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

2nd Place - Camouflage carpet does have its merits: it hides dirt & stains very well.

really ugly camouflage green carpet Phoenix Arizona home house real estate photo

1st Place - Louisville, Kentucky.  Can you imagine going to the carpet showroom and actually selecting this orange monstrosity out of all the other choices??!

ugly orange brown carpet outdated old wood paneling Louisville Kentucky home house

PLEASE VOTE!! (We’re trying out a new poll system).

Which Carpet Is the Worst?
Pink and Green
Fake Wood
Brown 1970s
Orange free polls

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Best of Worst Walls

February 25th, 2011 · No Comments

The UglyHousePhotos Awards for Worst Wall go to:

10th Place -  Yee haw.  The sellers added wood trim to create a stable/barn look.  What will buyers do with this wall?


9th Place - These sellers have the horses needed for the home above.  This wall made our list because of the combination of faux paint with accent lines, the pictures hung too high, the cane in the upper left corner (why?), and the phones on the wall.


8th Place - If you’re going to live in your home, wouldn’t it be nice to add wall texture and then paint?  What buyer wants an unfinished home?  Leaves an impression that the sellers don’t care.

unfinished drywall cluttered messy bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

7th Place - Are they trying for an adobe look?  Remember the Alamo?

faux paint saltillo tile living room bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

6th Place - These sellers really went for it with their exposed brick destruction of the drywall.

exposed brick drywall bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

5th Place - We can’t tell if they used a stencil or peel and stick vinyl floor tiles.  Regardless, it’s odd.

faux paint dining room bad MLS photos ugly home house Phoenix real estate

4th Place - The slate mosaic didn’t hold up too well.  Now what does a buyer do?  Finish it or tear it down?


3rd Place - They removed the mirror tiles and left glue marks.  Can’t really paint over them.  Thanks for not fixing the wall for the buyer.

master bedroom mirror tiles bad MLS photos ugly house home Phoenix real estate

2nd Place -  Good grief.

foreclosure vandalized ugly home house bad MLS photos Phoenix real estate

1st Place - Houston, Texas.  Water damage to the wall.  Looks awful.

ugly Houston Texas home fixer-upper peeling paint

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