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Tornado In Kingman?

September 8th, 2017 · 8 Comments

Did a tornado or hurricane hit this Kingman, Arizona house? Good grief.

What happened?


Disaster scene.


This is a different fireplace than the one in the above photo.

What happened up there?

Messy bedroom with a hole in the ceiling.

Another hole in the ceiling.

And now an even bigger hole!

Explain that! The Kool-Aid guy visited?

Tanks, but no tanks. We’ll pass.

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Miami Mansion

September 4th, 2017 · 4 Comments

Fixer-upper home on a hill in Miami, Arizona. Be very careful on the upper deck.

Your view from the upper deck, just before you fall.

Living room.

Enjoy the view from the dining room window.

It must give you a warm feeling to lean over the stove when using the microwave above.

Cozy bedroom.


Squat toilets are becoming popular nowadays.

Convenient inside laundry room.

Modern plumbing.

Downstairs living space.

Downstairs bedroom.

Downstairs shower.

The house is insulated.

Things go better with Coke.

The back door and patio.

Raise/raze the roof.

Scary railing.

This is the driveway.

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Kitchens Gone Wrong

August 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Messy kitchen with damaged plumbing.

Half of a window is better than no window. At least the curtain wasn’t knotted.

Let’s clear off the counter tops and refrigerator.

Did a poltergeist open the doors and drawers?

Organized chaos tells buyers this kitchen is too small. Check out the ceiling stain too.

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Not Short On Belongings

August 14th, 2017 · 2 Comments

Short sale in Mesa, Arizona, but long on the list of personal belongings on display.

Are you distracted enough by all the stuff to ignore the two missing tiles?

The closets are full.

The sellers ignored the ceiling.

Another view of the room.

And another view. Shoe‘dn’t the footwear be stored in a closet?

Stuffed full.

More ceiling damage.

He could not.

Kitchen islands are great for adding extra storage space.

Fine dining.

Too many cobwebs on the chandelier.

Missed opportunity to highlight the big picture window and vaulted ceiling.

One light bulb does not match the others.

What happened to the tiles by the drain?

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Pot Stickers

August 7th, 2017 · 4 Comments

The seller painted marijuana leaves on the bedroom wall, hoping to sell to the highest bidder.

Pot leaves. And what happened to the ceiling?

They grew pot in the bathroom too. Plus some mold and mildew?

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Pride of Ownership

August 3rd, 2017 · 4 Comments

The sellers are hoping new buyers will love and respect their home as much as they did.

They installed a new jetted tub.

Buyers will like the tall ceiling too.

Vintage wallpaper.

Built-in shelves plus a desk complete this room.

Gourmet kitchen.

Great view out the kitchen window.

Built-in pantry too.

Formal dining room.

Living room with custom paint.

Cozy fireplace.


The basement can sleep several guests. Mattresses already provided.

Enclosed front porch for extra square footage.

Here’s another view of the enclosed front porch.

The back of the house.

The sellers really cared for this house.

There’s also a guest house!

Fully furnished guest house.

Kitchenette too!

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Flowers In the Attic

July 9th, 2017 · 4 Comments

Our reader Sarah sent these photos, thank you. Let’s look at some attics. Here’s a fixer-upper attic in Laurel, Delaware.


They say new paint and flooring will freshen up a house. The attic above could use paint and flooring, but perhaps not sloppy paint or bright paint like this Harrington, Delaware attic.


This Dewey Beach, Delaware home features a 6-person attic bedroom. No holes in the ceiling or bright orange paint, but no visible heating or cooling.


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No Smoking

June 8th, 2017 · 3 Comments

Let’s take a tour of this Phoenix home. Lots to see.


Lots of dust. Why are the curtains stained?


We step back from the dining room into the family room. After noticing the ceiling damage, remember the red vacuum handle, the blue folded rug, the aluminum pan (right side middle), and the plastic chairs. They will help orient you as we move about the house.


We step back again and shift to the left. Lots of dust. That stereo and yellow telephone are old.


Then we pivot to the left and see ceiling damage.


Crack in the corner of the room.


We step back again. There’s the wall crack. And now we see the aluminum pan.


And when we look down, there’s the folded rug.


Aluminum pan again plus ceiling damage.


Now let’s visit the kitchen.


Original cabinets. House built in the 1950s, likely.


Help wanted!


Old flooring.


Here’s a bedroom.


We turn to the right.


And to the right again.


Another bedroom.


And now a visit to the living room. With more ceiling damage.


We look to the right.


And to the right again, showing the stained wall.


We finish with two photos of major ceiling damage.


Total rehab needed.


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A Mammoth Problem

June 3rd, 2017 · 1 Comment

Vandalized and trashed home in Mammoth, Arizona.


Ugly couch, damaged walls, ceiling missing, person to the right…


Possible water damage? Puckered paint.


Free toilet and shade trees.


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Tin Roof…Rusted

May 30th, 2017 · 4 Comments

Home Shopping Network!


Rusted roof!


Side of the house.


Quality construction of a room addition or storage room.


Building permits were approved.


The back yard is full of wonder.


Low-maintenance landscaping.


Free charcoal.


“Newer” gas water heater.


Unsafe and unprotected gas line to the water heater.


Barbed wire keeps thieves from entering the yard and stealing the valuables.


Now for some photos of the interior of the house. Ceiling damage here.


More junk inside.


Good luck.


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