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Phoenix Area Homes With Clutter, Ugly Décor, and Bad Taste

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10 Days Until Christmas

December 15th, 2017 · No Comments

These kids cannot wait another 10 days until Christmas. Santa, get here now!

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Guest Bedrooms

December 14th, 2017 · 3 Comments

The holidays are approaching quickly. Your precious mother-in-law has announced that she’s visiting. Where will she stay? How about this bedroom?

This bedroom features an ensuite bathroom! Won’t she be pleased?

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December 13th, 2017 · 1 Comment

Hat collection.

Hats and bats at this house.


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Who’s On Santa’s Naughty List?

December 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Santa says you’re naughty if you are in a real estate promotional photo. Let’s see who made Santa’s naughty list this year.

This guy. Yes, this full-size face photo was included with the listing. Complete with forehead sweat. No, thank you.


She’s lying down but has so much home staging to do. Hurry! Before Santa arrives!

This guy thinks Santa will steal his bike and break into the house.

This naughty boy left the TV on for the real estate photo.

He’s calling his real estate agent to find out why no one is coming to see the house. Because the TV is on, that’s why.

He claims he purposefully staged the table by the front door to put milk and cookies out for Santa.

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Christmas Is Two Weeks Away

December 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment

Two weeks until Christmas!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Japanese Curb Appeal

December 10th, 2017 · 3 Comments

I spent two weeks in Japan in November. Here are some ugly homes across Japan.

New roof needed in Kyoto, Japan.

Neglected entrance in Osaka, Japan.

Not much to look at near Hiroshima, Japan. But it does have stairs going up and a slide going down.

Bonus photo: a home seen in Montreal, Quebec, Canada during my visit there in October.

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Before & After Remodel

December 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Before Bathroom. Purchased for under $50,000.

After Bathroom. The renovated home sold for $170,000.

Before Dining Room.

After Dining Room.

Before Kitchen.

After Kitchen.

Before Back Yard.

After Back Yard.

Before Front of House.

After Front of House.

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Clever Fan Idea

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Why didn’t I think of that? If you want to ventilate your house affordably, take a floor fan, remove the support base, bend the pole, attach the bottom the pole to the wall, and now you have a fan to send hot air outside! It looks fan-tastic! It also helps eliminate smelly fish tank odors.

Another clever idea: if you remove the back panel on your kitchen cabinetry, you have access to storage on both sides!

They need a clever solution for cleaning that range.

The toilet seat is too short for the elongated bowl. Pink tiles are missing. The shower & tub could use a good cleaning.

Neglected swimming pool.

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See-Through Storage Shed

December 7th, 2017 · 2 Comments

So they’ve secured their items in a storage shed on their patio. But isn’t the point of a shed to keep the items hidden from view? Now they have a cluttered patio with a giant cage.

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Friar Bear

December 6th, 2017 · 3 Comments

This is the perfect Christmas gift for that person who has everything. Bet they don’t have a giant wood carving of a bear monk!

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