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Alien Survival Horror PS5 Game Rumored for 2024

Alien Survival Horror PS5 Game Rumored for 2024

by Ali Mahmud

A new unannounced AAA Alien survival horror game is being released for the PS5 in 2024 according to the latest rumors. While many would automatically assume this means a sequel to Alien: Isolation, the sources claim this is not true and this is an independent game. The good news is that apparently a sequel to Isolation is being considered too.

What we know about the Alien survival horror game

The Alien survival horror title is apparently being developed under the codename “Marathon” and will draw inspiration from games like Resident Evil and Dead Space according to anonymous sources who spoke to Insider Gaming. The game is being developed for current-gen consoles like PS5 and has a AAA budget. It is expected to be released during the holiday 2024 season. The developer behind the game is unknown but it is not thought to be Creative Assembly.

In the meantime, an Alien: Isolation sequel is apparently “either in development or is currently being pitched” a whole three years after they said it wasn’t the right time. It is thought Creative Assembly would be tied to this rumored project, but, as always, take the rumors with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made.

If either of these games do exist, they will join two other alien games in development: the untitled single-player, action horror Alien game from Survios and the real-time strategy game Aliens: Dark Descent.

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