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Battlefield 2042 Next Update Will Include a Few Hundred Changes

Battlefield 2042 Next Update Will Include a Few Hundred Changes

by Ali Mahmud

Battlefield 2042 will be getting its next major update later in April. While DICE and EA are yet to make any official announcement about the update, Battlefield Community Manager Straatford87 has told players there will be “a few hundred changes” included.

What will be included in the next Battlefield 2042 update?

DICE is currently looking at including a “few hundred changes” in the Battlefield 2042 April update. According to a game forum post by Straatford87, as spotted by MP1st, these changes will mainly cover bug fixes but vehicle balance, weapon attachments, scoreboard functionality, and voice communication. More specifically for vehicle balance, vehicle spawns will be reduced in 128 player maps to reduce vehicle dominance, while vehicle cooldown will also be increased.

The next will be considerable (April), and we’re currently looking at a few hundred changes. It’s mostly bug fixes, but we’re also looking to make further changes to for example vehicle balance and the current behavior of attachments for weapons.

We’ll provide more details on what exactly is in the update closer to its release date via a full set of update notes. I know you would like to know more now, so I want to clarify that I’m not trying to tease you by being vague – I’m simply still compiling the full list of changes for you all because it’s a lot.

Edit: the update will also contain the End of Round Scoreboard functionality, and VoIP. I think this is known info, but want to share it again for those who missed it.

The developer also revealed changes they would be making to the game’s maps following player feedback. Season 1 will include revamped versions of Kaleidoscope and Renewal. Both of these maps will feature shortened distances between Base Spawn and Flags and adjusted vehicle spawns to help with traversal. Additional cover and altered terrain will swing the balance of combat away from a focus on sniping to boots on the ground, as well as looking more realistic. More specifics on this will be revealed closer to the release of Season 1 this summer.

In other news, Among Us turned Horse Mode into a reality for April Fool’s Day. They also released PlayStation exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetics as part of yesterday’s update. Elsewhere, regulators are being pressured to assess Microsoft’s intended acquisition of Activision.

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