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Call of Duty: Warzone Size Is Driving Some Players Away, Dev Admits

Call of Duty: Warzone Size Is Driving Some Players Away, Dev Admits

by Ali Mahmud

Activision style executive Josh Bridge hasactually confessed that Call of Duty: Warzone‘s size is a issue and it’s driving gamers away. Bridge exposed this throughout a video interview with banner TeeP, in which he was asked about brand-new maps and map rotation. In reaction, he stated stated that “technical concerns” are holding the advancement group back, referring particularly to Warzone’s size.

Why Call of Duty: Warzone size is a issue

According to Bridge, pulling and including maps to Warzone will required enormous downloads, and every time that occurs, some gamers end up uninstalling the videogame and moving on. “The setup and re-install sizes are foutrageous, ideal? If we pulled out Caldera and state we’re gonna drop in Verdansk, this might be basically re-downloading, like, the size of Warzone,” he described (thanks, Ars Technica). “And every time we’ve done that, we lose gamers duetothefactthat you’re kind of like, ‘I puton’t desire to re-download that, uninstall.’ I believe you can’t fit anything else however Warzone on a base PS4.”

The excellent news is, Activision is working on a resolution. It’s not rather there yet, however the publisher is looking into it and will have something to share in due course. “We’ve been looking to the future and putting a lot more effort into how we sort that out on a technical level so that we can have that rotation,” Bridge continued. “We’ve been truly looking at it so we’ll have more to talk about that, however that is eventually a objective: to makesure that there’s a freshness and a range of experiences. Like you were stating, a seasonal meta comes with that and a seasonal map rotation too.”

In other news, report has it that Sony has several huge statements set for this week, and at least one of them might be Knack 3‘s release on PlayStation’s Game Pass competitor (code called Project Spartacus).


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