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Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is ‘Coming’ Says Insider

Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is ‘Coming’ Says Insider

by Ali Mahmud

Rumors of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster have been swirling these last few weeks, and insider Jason Schreier has now added more fuel to the fire. In response to a fan asking about the game on Twitter, he simply writes that it is “coming.” Short and sweet. This is just one of several hints that Square Enix could be announcing a remaster or remake for the classic very soon.

The rumor of a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster has been around since 2021

Earlier in February, Ichiro Hazma, a producer for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, said in an interview that the game doesn’t have a lot of characters from the Tactics franchise because “the Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment.” In fact, the team is “heavily involved in another project,” suggesting that a Final Fantasy Tactics remake is indeed what they’re working on.

In fact, this game has been a long time coming at this point. The infamous Nvidia GeForce leak in September 2021 featured over 18,000 games in its database, and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster was one of them.

According to the leak, the game was slated to arrive on February 2022, which was quite optimistic in hindsight. The rumored Final Fantasy 9 Remake, which also hasn’t been officially announced, was on the list as well for an April 2022 release. Given that, we recommend taking all of these rumors with at least a few grains of salt until Square Enix finally reveals more information.

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