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Free Horizon Forbidden West Avatars Released

Free Horizon Forbidden West Avatars Released

by Ali Mahmud

Guerrilla Games has released free Horizon Forbidden West avatars to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. Over on the PS Blog, the studio also shared some interesting player stats ahead of the game’s inclusion in February 2024’s PS Plus Extra/Premium catalogs.

Free Horizon Forbidden West avatar PSN codes (all regions)

Grab the freebies using the following codes:

  • Americas — G7XK-TNNR-NPLL
  • Europe/Middle-east/Africa — B2B9-X5NK-494R
  • Japan — H7LG-45N4-BNKE
  • Asia — 2QHR-8QN2-BQ2C
  • Korea — E5AQ-H8N6-EFQQ

Guerrilla Games revealed that players have spent a collective 211,000 hours in Horizon Forbidden West’s Photo Mode. They’ve also covered a total flight distance of 95,213,717 kilometers with a cumulative total of 4,235,620 hours in the air.

The most dangerous new machine is apparently the Scrounger, followed by Burrower, Slitherfang, and Fire Fanghorn.

With underwater gameplay being introduced to Horizon Forbidden West for the first time, players spent 20,421,797 hours in the water for a cumulative total of 35,665,515 kilometers swimming distance covered. Those who preferred land enjoyed riding Chargers the most, followed by Bristleback and Clawstrider.

There are a lot more stats on the PS Blog so make sure to check them out.

Horizon Forbidden West will become available as part of PS Plus Extra and Premium on Tuesday, February 21st. Sony hasn’t said how long it’ll remain in the catalogs.

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