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Hilarious New The Last of Us Meme GIFs Shared By Naughty Dog

Hilarious New The Last of Us Meme GIFs Shared By Naughty Dog

by Ali Mahmud

Naughty Dog has shared a fresh batch of The Last of Us meme GIFs showing Joel, Ellie, and the series’ other characters reenacting some of the internet’s best-loved memes.

The studio posted the GIFs in celebration of The Last of Us Day, which takes place on September 26 of each year, the date when the outbreak reached critical mass in the game’s world. This year fans were treated to the first trailer for the upcoming The Last of Us HBO show, with these GIFs being the cherry on the cake (along with some notable merch discounts!).

All The Last of Us meme GIFs

Here are all the GIFs shared by Naughty Dog, along with the memes they’re replicating (thanks, Reddit!).

Above is a reference to the Jeremiah Johnson ‘nod of approval’ meme, taking from the 1972 film of the same name. The original GIF sees Robert Redford nodding while looking at the camera, and is used as a reaction meme.

This GIF is, of course, a reference to The Shining’s infamous “Here’s Johnny” scene, in which Jack Nicholson’s character terrifyingly bursts through a door with an axe.

The above GIF features a bit of a crossover between The Last of Us game series and the upcoming HBO show. In the GIF, TLoU’s Bill is shown reenacting a famous clip featuring Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson. In the HBO show, Bill will be played by Swanson’s actor, Nick Offerman.

This one’s another clever film reference, with Ellie taking the place of Ripley and a Clicker assuming the role of a Xenomorph in a scene lifted straight from Alien 3. This clip is typically used as a reaction meme to signify someone being creepy.

A pretty recent reaction meme, this GIF is lifted from Euphoria.

This one’s a deep cut. The dramatic chipmunk is an old-school meme, but did you know that the original isn’t a chipmunk at all, and is actually prairie dog? You learn something new every day.

Here Joel is seen reenacting a look of shock from WWE Superstar-turned-Peacemaker John Cena.

Another WWE reaction GIF, this time reenacting Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And here we have the famous ‘Conceited Reaction‘ meme, in which the rapper of the same name delivers a now-iconic reaction.

And finally, a reference to Keanu Reeves, depicting a scene from Always Be My Maybe.

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