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How To Edit PS5 Quick Menu

How To Edit PS5 Quick Menu

by Ali Mahmud

Editing the PS5 Quick Menu can be super useful for those aiming to clean up the user interface and/or make navigating the menus more efficient. If there are icons that you never use, why not hide them and make all other settings one fewer button push away? Here’s how to edit the PS5 Quick Menu.

How to edit the Quick Menu on PS5

To edit the PS5 Quick Menu, users must:

  1. Press the “PlayStation” button on the controller.
  2. Now press the “Options” button to the right of the touchpad.
  3. Toggle which settings you want to appear and hide those you don’t.
    • The little box with a checkmark shows which settings are shown and which are hidden.
    • It’s worth noting that non-default settings like Accessibility and Broadcast can be added to the Quick Menu this way.
  4. Once all desired settings have been hidden or shown, press “Options” to go back.
  5. Now press the “PlayStation” button to return to your game or Home menu.

By editing the Quick Menu on PS5, users can make navigating the bar more efficient. Options that they never choose, like Game Base or Music, can be hidden, speeding up the process of checking friends, profile information, or shutting the system down.

Removing unused items can also make for a cleaner-looking interface. It might just be me, but there’s some satisfaction to be had from consolidating the Quick Menu into just a handful of most-used functions.

Not all icons can be hidden, however, as some functions don’t have a checkbox beneath them. These must remain on the Quick Menu at all times.

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