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Kingdom Hearts 4’s World Will Be ‘Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before’

Kingdom Hearts 4’s World Will Be ‘Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before’

by Ali Mahmud

Seven months after its presence was outed by the GeForce Now database leakage, we lastly got our veryfirst set of Kingdom Hearts 4 information. As part of the series’ 20th anniversary events, Square Enix revealed the statement trailer, proving Sora’s upgraded look, a manager fight, a brand-new city, and much more. A mystical brand-new character called Strelitzia likewise made her launching. Although this is her veryfirst mainline videogame, Strelitzia is no completestranger to those who’ve played smartdevice videogame Kingdom Hearts Union X.

When will Kingdom Hearts 4 release?

Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t reveal a release window for Kingdom Hearts 4 or validate launch platforms. While we can securely presume that the videogame will launch on the PlayStation 5, its PS4 release is unpredictable. The press release states that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be set in Quadratum, which is explained as “a big, extensive city set in a stunning, reasonable world unlike anything ever seen priorto” in the series, indicating that the advancement group is looking to overhaul things. If that’s the case, a PS4 release appears less mostlikely. Besides, it looks like the videogame is a methods away from release in real Square Enix style so the evenmore down the roadway it launches, the less possibilities it’ll land on last-gen platforms due to hardware restrictions. Nothing that one wouldn’t anticipate at this point in the lifecycle, .

Kingdom Hearts 4 will see Donald and Goofy return in their functions of Sora’s dependable buddies. The videogame will function an impressive brand-new story entitled the “Lost Master Arc.” In addition to this, Square Enix revealed a brand-new mobile videogame entitled Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. “This look into Sora’s next experience is simply the start – we can’t wait to program more when the time is ideal,” stated Walt Disney Games director Nana Gadd.

In other news, Lords of the Fallen 2 will now release in 2024, and the Shadowrun Trilogy is set to make its launching on PlayStation platforms.


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