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Left 4 Dead 3 Teased in Alleged CS:GO Source 2 Leak

Left 4 Dead 3 Teased in Alleged CS:GO Source 2 Leak

by Ali Mahmud

Left 4 Dead 3 has been mentioned in an apparent leak of the CS:GO Source 2 executable file. Multiple leaks of the upcoming Source 2 update to Counter-Strike GO have seemingly been reported earlier in March through an Nvidia driver update as well as a Dota 2 update.

Now, we would normally pass on reporting Left 4 Dead news considering that the game was an Xbox console exclusive, but we imagine that any new release in the Left 4 Dead series wouldn’t skip PS4 and PS5 at this point.

Left 4 Dead 3 mention could just be Valve trolling us

The only mention of Left 4 Dead 3 in this allegedly real CS:GO Source 2 executable file, as revealed by a user named gabefollower on Twitter, is one line of code (line 67) that contains “left4dead3” as a string.

Now, this could just be Valve being cheeky or perhaps deliberately putting in teases like this to catch people who are leaking CS:GO content. So we recommend taking this L4D3 mention with many grains of salt even if this leak is real. At the very least, it would seem that Valve can actually count to three.

Rumors of Left 4 Dead 3 were swirling around back in January 2020, which Valve promptly made a statement saying that they were “absolutely not working on anything L4D related” and hadn’t been “for years.” Since then, Left 4 Dead has only appeared on PlayStation consoles in the form of crossover DLC, whether it’s through Zombie Army 4 or Dying Light.

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