Home Gaming New Forspoken Trailer Has More Dislikes Than Likes on YouTube
New Forspoken Trailer Has More Dislikes Than Likes on YouTube

New Forspoken Trailer Has More Dislikes Than Likes on YouTube

by Ali Mahmud

The new Forspoken cinematic trailer has received more dislikes than likes on multiple YouTube channels. (You can view YouTube dislikes through a Google Chrome plug-in like “Return YouTube Dislike”, an extension that extrapolates an accurate dislike count.) This suggests an awkward divide among fans for this timed PS5 exclusive, following a Forspoken demo that had a very mixed reception from players. After being delayed several times last year, Forspoken is set to release on January 24.

Forspoken trailer like-to-dislike ratio is a warning sign

At the time of this writing, the cinematic trailer for Forspoken has received 611 likes to 688 dislikes on the official Square Enix YouTube page. Worse, the same trailer on IGN’s official YouTube channel has 678 likes and 988 dislikes. These like-to-dislike ratios may change over the course of the day, but they are still warning signs of the game’s reception thus far.

Interestingly, as of now the trailer has not yet been uploaded on the main PlayStation YouTube channel, though it has been posted on its French, DACH, and Latinoamerica channels.

Looking through the most upvoted comments, the split between players is very apparent. Some fans were swayed by the Forspoken demo and appreciate the female protagonist, while others are still not interested in the game and think that it will struggle at launch. This mimics prior comments on the demo which had some players liking the traversal system that uses Magic Parkour, but others finding the controls awkward and the game’s open world dull and empty.

Unfazed, Square Enix’s Luminous Productions has said it is looking forward to Forspoken reviews, with co-direector Takefumi Terada saying that he is “sure and confident” that the game will meet fan expectations.

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