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New PS5 Hardware Teased by Sony VP, Could Release in 2024

New PS5 Hardware Teased by Sony VP, Could Release in 2024

by Ali Mahmud

Some new PS5 hardware has been teased by Hideaki Nishino, a Sony Senior VP of Platform Experience, in an interview. From what we can decipher, it may release or be announced near the end of Fiscal Year 2024, which concludes in September 2024. This new hardware could well be the new PS5 console with the detachable hard drive, first reported in September 2024 by known insider Tom Henderson.

New PS5 hardware tease coincides with prior ‘PS5 Slim’ report

Nishino shared future plans for the PS5 platform, prompted by an observation that the PS4 Pro was released about three years after the PS4 released, in an interview with Famitsu magazine. He said:

By the end of fiscal 2024, cumulative sales will exceed 37 million units, and we believe that it will be a very important time for the platform as well. I won’t be able to talk about specifics at this time, but I hope you will look forward to next year (2024).

We believe that he means by the end of fiscal 2024, since FY 2024 is already over. From this quote alone, the safest bet is that something significant about the PS5 will be revealed in 2024.

That said, the reportedly slimmer PS5 model with a detachable hard drive also has a release window of September 2024, which is when FY 2024 ends. Another leak in November also suggests that the “PS5 Slim” release date would be Q3 2024. It’s unclear how this supposedly new PS5 will be named by Sony, whether it’s a PS5 ‘Slim’ or ‘Pro’ (or something else entirely). But at least it looks like these pieces of information are converging to a similar point.

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