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PlayStation Support Keeps Getting Worse With Time

PlayStation Support Keeps Getting Worse With Time

by Ali Mahmud

An increasing amount of PS5, PS4 players are voicing their discontent with PlayStation Support, or lack thereof, with no relief in sight. Sony pulled the plug on 1-to-1 help via Twitter last August, and things have only become worse since then.

What’s going on with PlayStation Support?

As evidenced by an abundance of recent complaints on social media and forums like Reddit and ResetEra, players are simply unable to connect to PlayStation’s customer support. Forget getting someone on the phone, players consider themselves lucky if they get through to a live chat agent, and said agent sticks around and offers a resolution rather than giving a non-answer to the issue at hand and ending the chat.

Faulty hardware results in weeks upon weeks of headaches, often with no desirable outcomes. Got issues with two-step verification or your account being hacked? PlayStation Support probably can’t help so make a new account and cancel any debit or credit cards associated with your previous account. Sorry about the games.

For its part, Sony has apparently been recruiting players as online support agents and has seemingly offered priority customer support to top PlayStation Stars members, but that’s hardly any consolation for the average player.

With Sony ramping up its PS5 marketing efforts, one can only hope the company opens its wallet up to revamp customer support as well.

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