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PS5 Players Want Dynamic Themes Back

PS5 Players Want Dynamic Themes Back

by Ali Mahmud

Another year has come and gone, and there are still no PS5 themes, much to the dismay of fans who reminisce about the PS4 days – those pretty dynamic themes, often with beautiful music accompanying them. Unfortunately, Sony has never explained why it did away with a major UI customization option, but that hasn’t stopped fans from requesting its return.

How likely are PS5 themes two years into the console’s life cycle?

Sony can be pretty unpredictable so while it may seem like we’re unlikely to see dynamic themes being introduced two years into the PS5’s life cycle, never say never.

Online forums and social media threads discussing PS5 features and wish lists for future additions are full of players demanding answers for the lack of themes.

“Allow themes or at the very least, custom backgrounds,” wrote one Reddit user in a popular thread over the weekend. “I miss my PS4 theme of a small creek bed,” wrote another. A third user recalled a relaxing cherry blossom theme with an actual day/night and seasonal cycle that allowed players to see the tree growing, blooming, and falling, depending on the time of the year. “No background of any game will bring me this peace back,” they wrote.

Personally, I miss beyond words my awesome NieR Automata theme with sublime music. Check it out:

What was your favorite theme?

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