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Report: Dead Island 2 Re-Reveal Might Happen at The Game Awards

Report: Dead Island 2 Re-Reveal Might Happen at The Game Awards

by Ali Mahmud

A Dead Island 2 re-reveal may finally happen later this year, as reported by known insider Tom Henderson according to anonymous sources. In fact, one source claims that an announcement during The Game Awards in December 2024 would “make a lot of sense.” It’s been a grueling eight years, and even more than that if you count development time, since Dead Island 2 was first unveiled at E3 2014. But it looks like developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver will soon be ready to show off how we’re going to kill zombies this time around.

What we know so far before the Dead Island 2 re-reveal

Dead Island 2 Re-Reveal

Multiple sources claim that Dead Island 2 is in a “decent state of development,” according to Henderson’s new report at Try Hard Games. One source who had the chance to playtest the game said that it was now the person’s “most-anticipated game.” The sequel will apparently still take place in various locations around California like Hollywood and San Francisco. The focus of the gameplay will be on co-operative play, similar to the original Dead Island, while the cast of about five to six characters is entirely new.

In mid-February, Henderson revealed that there was a possibility that the Dead Island 2 release date would slip into 2024. Since then, a financial call with Deep Silver and parent company Embracer Group suggested that the game would release some time before the end of the fiscal year on March 31, 2024. That’s assuredly vague, but it’s looking less likely that it will hit the Q4 2024 release window as previously reported.

Dead Island 2 has had a tumultuous production, to say the least. Nearly rivaling the infamous development of Duke Nukem Forever, the game was first meant to be created by Techland until it understandably went with Dying Light instead. Yager Development was slated to develop the game next, but creative difference forced it to split with Deep Silver, resulting in Yager’s backruptcy. The torch was then passed to THQ Nordic until Dambuster took the reins in 2019.

In other news, Bungie is suing cheaters and abusers because it’s “good business,” and Kojima Productions NFTs aren’t happening (yet).

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