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Riot Apparently Gearing Up for Valorant Console Release

Riot Apparently Gearing Up for Valorant Console Release

by Ali Mahmud

It looks like Valorant PS5 and PS4 variations are in the works, if datamined info and brand-new task descriptions are anything to go by. As found by VeryAli Gaming, Riot Games’ Bellevue studio is looking for a senior videogame designer for Valorant to work particularly on console, and strings discovered by one dataminer in the videogame’s files make recommendation to PSN and Xbox Live.

When is Valorant PS5, PS4 release anticipated?

According to Valorant leakers Shiina and Valorleaks, the previouslymentioned strings were simply included to Valorant’s files for “backend functions,” recommending that Riot’s still in the screening stage. Additionally, the job for senior videogame designer hasactually been justrecently promoted.

In June 2020, Riot exposed that it was “prototyping” a console variation of Valorant however didn’t make any guarantees duetothefactthat the studio thinks that “there’s a method to experience this videogame that we’re not totally sure equates totally to console play.” That it’s now workingwith a senior videogame designer to particularly work on Valorant for consoles recommends that things haveactually been advancing well, possibly due to Sony and Microsoft launching PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The concern now is whether Valorant will release on the PS4 and Xbox One as well or not.

Opinion: Valorant on PS5 would be most welcome

Zarmena composes… Now that Blizzard Entertainment is a part of Microsoft (pending regulative approval), it’s uncertain what the future holds for the Overwatch franchise on PlayStation platforms. Valorant would be an outstanding alternative and one that’s free-to-play. It looks like it’ll be a while priorto we’ll see Valorant on consoles, however something informs me it’ll be out earlier than Overwatch 2, which appears to haveactually been stuck in advancement hell for rather a while.

In other news, Sony states putting first-party videogames on PS Plus day one would hurt quality, and PS Store’s Spring sale kicks off today.

[Source: VeryAli Gaming]


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