Home Gaming Another Cutscene From The Last of Us 1 Remake Has Leaked (SPOILERS)
Another Cutscene From The Last of Us 1 Remake Has Leaked (SPOILERS)

Another Cutscene From The Last of Us 1 Remake Has Leaked (SPOILERS)

by Ali Mahmud

Another cutscene from The Last of Us 1 Remake has leaked courtesy of known insider Tom Henderson. Henderson ended up deleting his tweet but not before copies of the video were saved and re-uploaded on Imgur and Reddit. This seems to have become somewhat of a pattern with high-profile leaks lately, with insiders leaking screenshots/videos on Twitter and then deleting them knowing full well that they’ll be saved instantly, presumably to avoid getting into trouble.

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake leaks explained

The clip, which is embedded below, contains spoilers so consider yourself warned.


Last month, a rumor suggested that recent Sony first-party studio leaks are the result of a security breach that the company has yet to plug. Some Redditors pointed towards a months-old thread in which a former user claimed to have gotten a hold of hard drive full of data from a Sony laptop. That claim could never be verified nor is there any confirmation that Sony suffered a security breach.

Now, one Naughty Dog dev claims that the studio’s history of leaks is all thanks to “outside partners.” Anthony Vaccaro, who is a Principle Environment Artist at the studio, tweeted a link to an article that discusses the issue and said reassuringly that no one within Naughty Dog is involved.

In other news, Life Is Strange is highly unlikely to return to an episodic format, and Eidos Montreal reportedly wants to return to Deus Ex but don’t expect a new game for a while.

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