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Apex Legends Getting Surprise PS5 Upgrade Tomorrow

Apex Legends Getting Surprise PS5 Upgrade Tomorrow

by Ali Mahmud

In a surprise announcement, EA will be giving out a free Apex Legends PS5 upgrade starting tomorrow. In addition to an Xbox Series console upgrade, this graphical and performance next-gen patch will come along with The Warriors Collection.

What comes with the Apex Legends PS5 upgrade?

Many features you would expect from a next-gen upgrade are arriving tomorrow for Apex Legends, but there will be some features that are slated for future updates. Out of the gate, the PS5 upgrade will come with 4K output, full 60hz gameplay, HDR, greater LOD distances, and higher-resolution shadow maps.

Understandably, that might be deflating for many Apex Legends fans, but EA promises to bring 120hz gameplay, haptics, adaptive triggers, and overall improvements to the game’s visuals and audio in due time.

PS5 owners who don’t already have the PS4 version of Apex Legends installed on the console can easily go to Game Library on the PS5 dashboard and select the PS5 version of Apex Legends to download.

Those who do have the PS4 version installed will need to go to the Game Hub for Apex Legends instead, select Options next to the Play Game option, and then download the PS5 version under Select Version. Once the download has been completed, it’s recommended that you delete the PS4 version from the console entirely.

This next-gen upgrade comes with The Warriors Collection event, which brings back the popular 9v9 mode Control for a limited time. In this event, Caustic Treatment has been turned into a three-point battleground for control over Kings Canyon, with added cover, ziplines, and skydrive launcher to improve your mobility around the map. It also includes a new Arena map called Drop-Off as well as a new set of 24 limited-time cosmetics.

In other news, Santa Monica Studio has restated that God of War Ragnarok will be releasing in 2024, and Sony has trademarked Knack 3 which has sparked rumors of a sequel.

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