Home Gaming Death Stranding 2 May Be Kojima’s Last PlayStation-Exclusive Game
Death Stranding 2 May Be Kojima’s Last PlayStation-Exclusive Game

Death Stranding 2 May Be Kojima’s Last PlayStation-Exclusive Game

by Ali Mahmud

Earlier today, rumors started spreading that Kojima Productions had been making an exclusive follow-up to Death Stranding for Google Stadia, but it had been canceled early into development. While there are several reasons for that rumor to be disputed, one insider is adamant that Death Stranding 2 was always going to be a Sony game and that the nature of this contract means it could also be the last PlayStation-exclusive game from Kojima, at least for now.

Will Death Stranding 2 be exclusive to PlayStation?

Kojima Productions is yet to confirm they are making Death Stranding 2, but leaks from people like protagonist Sam Porter Bridges actor Norman Reedus suggest the game is in active development. As the Death Stranding IP is owned by Sony and not by Kojima Productions, the sequel will likely be the second game that is included in the multi-game contract the two companies signed quite a while ago, at least according to insider Dusk Golem anyway (thanks Reddit). Aside from the new information that the game is apparently codenamed Ocean, no other details about death stranding 2 were revealed.

The more interesting bit of the claim is that Sony and Kojima Productions have a multi-game contract that has so far produced Death Stranding and is due to yield another game. Regardless of whether that game is Death Stranding 2 or not, the contract is due to end once the second game has been released. At the moment, Sony and Kojima Productions are apparently in negotiations on whether to extend or renew this contract or to just let it expire. If the contract isn’t renewed, Death stranding 2 could be the last Playstation-exclusive game we get from Kojima Productions, especially as the studio has a deal with Microsoft to “create a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced before“. So far, neither Kojima Productions, Sony, nor Google have commented on the rumors.

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