Home Gaming God of War Ragnarok’s Official Artbook Cover Contains a Spoiler
God of War Ragnarok’s Official Artbook Cover Contains a Spoiler

God of War Ragnarok’s Official Artbook Cover Contains a Spoiler

by Ali Mahmud

Just a heads up, the official God of War Ragnarok artbook cover contains a spoiler that has unfortunately been published by a retailer. Some might not consider it to be a major spoiler but everyone has a different take when it comes to this so if you’re one of those who want to go in completely blind, you’ll want to avoid looking up artbook details. We’ll discuss the spoiler for those who are interested below. Everyone else should X out now.

God of War Ragnarok artbook spoiler explained

Still here? Okay, then. As discovered by a Reddit user, a Serbian retailer published the cover of the artbook, which is included in both the Collector’s and Jotnar editions as well as the Digital Deluxe edition. Published by Dark Horse digitally, the scene depicted on the cover shows Sindri fighting, which is a bit surprising. Fans have theorized that Brok will get killed in the upcoming game, which will certainly drive Sindri to get his hands dirty and kick some butt. But wait, there’s more.

Behind Sindri is what appears to be Mimir. Yes, that Mimir who didn’t have a body in the last game. It looks like that reference in the last game to the dwarves taking measurements was pointing towards them building a body for Mimir. For those who don’t remember since it’s been a while, in 2018’s God of War, Mimir mentioned being uncomfortable with Brok and Sindri taking his measurements.

At the time of this writing, the artbook cover is still up and it’s understandably going to pop up everywhere so that’s quite the blooper.

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