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Godfall’s Barebones PS Plus Version Attracted Millions of Players

Godfall’s Barebones PS Plus Version Attracted Millions of Players

by Ali Mahmud

Godfall PS Plus release in December 2024 was met with a lot of criticism due its inclusion as the only PS5 game in the lineup. Called the Challenger Edition, the game is basically a stripped down version of Godfall that comes without a campaign, requiring players to fork out money for the full experience. Despite the backlash at the time, Godfall: Challenger Edition ended up attracting over 2.5 million new players. That’s according to game director Daniel Nordlander, who told Seasoned Gaming that the PS Plus release was a “big win” for the studio.

Counterplay previously said Godfall PS Plus release wasn’t a trial

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When Sony announced PS Plus’ December 2024 offerings, players criticized the company for including what they called a premium trial in the lineup. Developer Counterplay Games and publisher Gearbox were caught in the cross-fire, with the former insisting that the Challenger Edition is meant to be a budget-friendly, limited-feature edition as opposed to a trial. It was ultimately Sony’s decision to include that in its monthly games lineup.

“We were thrilled to welcome new players via our launch of Challenger Edition through PS Plus,” Nordlander told Seasoned Gaming. “In fact, in just one month, Challenger Edition across platforms saw more than 2.5 million new players join the fight for Aperion. From our perspective, this was a big win. The objective of the Challenger Edition was to offer players an incredible value while getting them directly to the heart of two things that make Godfall spectacular – immersing yourself in the power trip and engaging in the many end game modes with friends.”

Godfall has since launched on Xbox platforms and continues to enjoy a robust player base.

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[Source: Seasoned Gaming]

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