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How To Check Hours Played on PS5

How To Check Hours Played on PS5

by Ali Mahmud

Checking the number of hours played on PS5 is a neat little feature added for the new-gen console. It’s an interesting stat that many players would no doubt want to see, but it’s quite well-buried in the menus. Thankfully, once you know how to find it, it’s pretty easy to go back to in the future. Read on for the steps on how to check hours played on PS5.

How to check the number of hours played on PS5

How To Check Hours Played on PS5

To check the number of hours played on PS5, users must:

  1. Go to the PS5 Home screen.
  2. Navigate to the top-right and select your profile picture.
  3. Then choose “Profile.”
  4. Select “Games.”
  5. Scroll down to the relevant game.

Using this list, players can pick any game and see when it was last played, in addition to how many total hours it’s been played for. Total Trophy progress is also viewable here and provides a nice overview of which games are close to 100% completion.

Is the “Total Play Hours” count accurate on PS5?

The “Total Play Hours” count on PS5 appears accurate in my experience.

However, other users may find some discrepancies and feel that they’ve invested more time in games than what is being reported. Therefore, take the numbers with a grain of salt, as they could be out by a little (or a lot).

It’s impressive that PS4 games played before the PS5 came out are included, but they do seem more susceptible to inaccurate hour counts. PS5 games seem consistently accurate, however, at least by looking at my records.

Hopefully the PS5 console continues to get cool features like this with new updates. Additional insight into how we play games can be very interesting.

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