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How To Make PS5 Copying Faster – PlayStation LifeStyle

How To Make PS5 Copying Faster – PlayStation LifeStyle

by Ali Mahmud

The PS5 copying message can sure put a stop to any imminent gaming plans that users have. Having to wait for a disc or update to copy can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it goes so slowly. Thankfully, there are some workarounds to help fix this issue and make it less painful. Here’s how to make PS5 copying faster.

How to make the PS5 copy faster

How To Make PS5 Copying Faster

To make the PS5 copy faster, players can try:

  • Making sure installs are going to an SSD.
    • If you have an external HDD plugged in, the PS5 can default install to that slower drive.
    • Head into the PS5 Settings menu, go to “Storage,” “Installation Location,” and then select the SSD.
  • Upgrade the SSD in the M.2 drive.
    • Not all SSDs are built equal and some are considerably faster than others.
    • It’s best to look for a drive that explicitly guarantees compatibility with PS5 to enjoy full functionality.
  • Avoid turning off the PS5 and don’t put it in Rest Mode.
    • Though the system can continue downloads in Rest Mode, copying requires the system to be left on.
    • If you turn the system off, the PS5 will halt copying until it is turned back on.

Directing installs to a faster drive and avoiding the urge to turn off the system or put it in Rest Mode should solve most issues. However, even with these fixes, a fair bit of patience is required.

For whatever reason, the copying hurdle that plagued the PS4 has been carried along to the new generation. Here’s hoping it’s less of an issue with the PS6!

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