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How to Pre-order DualSense Edge PS5 Controller

How to Pre-order DualSense Edge PS5 Controller

by Ali Mahmud

DualSense Edge pre-orders will go live soon for the upcoming PS5 controller, with the new hardware set to become available for those who wish to pre-purchase it. The pre-order date and details on how to buy the controller were detailed in a new features-focused trailer.

When is the DualSense Edge pre-order date?

The DualSense Edge will be available to pre-order on October 25, 2024.

This date was revealed in the latest trailer for the controller, which highlighted its broad range of features. This includes ultra-customizable controls, which will allow players to apply custom settings and personalized control profiles to the Edge similar to Xbox’s Elite controllers.

How to pre-order DualSense Edge

To pre-order the DualSense Edge PS5 controller, buyers will need to head over to the PlayStation Direct official website. Pre-orders will only be available to place on October 25, so right now the page only points to PlayStation hardware and games that are currently available to buy.

Along with the pre-order date, Sony also revealed the DualSense Edge’s release date along with its whopping price point, which is sure to leave some buyers’ eyes watering. Still, with Microsoft ruling the roost when it comes to premium console controllers, PS5 owners will be glad that they now have their own super customizable alternative.

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