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How To Turn Off Auto Renew on PS5

How To Turn Off Auto Renew on PS5

by Ali Mahmud

Something that many users miss when signing up to PlayStation Plus for PS5 is the way that Auto Renew is automatically enabled. This can lead to a nasty shock later down the line when the service automatically renews and charges a chunk of money to the saved payment method. To avoid these surprises, many users choose to turn off Auto Renew. Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky to do on the next-gen console itself. Thankfully, we’ve got a step-by-step guide of the full process. Here’s how to turn off Auto Renew on PS5 without using an internet browser.

How to turn off PS5 Auto Renew

To turn off Auto Renew on PS5, users must:

  1. From the PS5 Home screen, go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Users and Accounts.”
  3. Choose “Account.”
  4. Then “Payment and Subscriptions” followed by “Subscriptions.”
  5. Choose “PlayStation Plus” and then select “Turn Off Auto Renew.”
  6. Finally, choose “Turn It Off.”
  7. Choose any answer and then press “OK.”
  8. Auto Renew will now be disabled.

To undo the process and turn Auto Renew back on for any reason, users can repeat the above steps but choose “Turn On Auto Renew” for Step 5.

With the price of PlayStation Plus increasing for new tiers, it’s important that users carefully consider whether or not they want that potentially significant amount of money automatically leaving their account each month or year.

Though you may want to continue using PlayStation Plus when the paid-for period ends, there’s nothing wrong with renewing manually when that time comes. Of course, for those who want zero hiccups in their service, leaving Auto Renew enabled may be preferred.

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