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How To Unlock the PlayStation Stars PS3 Collectible

How To Unlock the PlayStation Stars PS3 Collectible

by Ali Mahmud

The mysterious PS Stars PS3 collectible is causing a lot of confusion among the PlayStation community. Some are unlocking the Heroic collectible through the “PlayStation and You: PS3” challenge, while others don’t have the challenge at all. For the completionists out there, this can be quite frustrating. Thankfully, we at PSLS have done our darndest to solve this mystery. Here’s how to unlock the PlayStation Stars PS3 collectible.

Unlocking the PS Stars PS3 collectible by completing PlayStation and You: PS3

To unlock the PlayStation 3 console Heroic collectible, PlayStation Stars members must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Have created a PSN account during the first year of launch in 2006/2007.
  2. Remained active on the PSN account.
  3. Sign up to PlayStation Stars.
  4. Play any game on PS4 or PS5.

The above steps are based on the experiences of PSLS staff and accounts from ResetEra and Reddit users. We’re still awaiting official confirmation about the exact requirements, so don’t be surprised if you see the collectible in your collection, despite you not fulfilling the above criteria.

It’s worth noting that some users that should have received the PS3 collectible, haven’t yet done so. This is perhaps a bug that needs fixing, though there has been no official word on that yet.

Finally, it’s worth drawing attention to the official PlayStation Stars page which states that users may not receive the same campaigns as others. This can be based on the type of console you have, your game ownership and completion, feature usage, and the availability of certain game titles in your country/region.

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