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Monster Hunter Paradise Leaked – PlayStation LifeStyle

Monster Hunter Paradise Leaked – PlayStation LifeStyle

by Ali Mahmud

Capcom seems to be having a pretty hard time with leaks since the infamous hack. This time, something called Monster Hunter Paradise has been leaked via Discord’s database and it’s apparently headed to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. We already know that Capcom is working on a new mainline entry because “Monster Hunter 6” was leaked via the aforementioned hack. However, it’s unclear if Monster Hunter 6 is a code name for Paradise akin to Monster Hunter World, which was code named Monster Hunter 5.

Monster Hunter Paradise leak appears to be legit

Twitter user @neonaga99 first reported the leak, which was also confirmed by an official Discord partner. Those who are skeptical can reproduce the steps outlined by neonaga99 below and see for themelves.

Monster Hunter Paradise

While the leak mentions PlayStation and Xbox, there’s no reference to any particular platform. It’s therefore too early to say if Monster Hunter Paradise is a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusive or if it will head to last-gen platforms as well. My wild guess is that it’ll probably be a current-gen game considering we’re two years into this generation and if Capcom wants the game to be a step up from Monster Hunter World, Paradise is best left to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S hardware.

There’s no mention of a Nintendo Switch version so it looks like Monster Hunter Paradise will follow Monster Hunter World’s suit. But that’s okay because Nintendo players got the Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise last year.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and update our readers when we have more information.

In other news, a PSN database entry has listed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for an early March 2024 release, and PlayStation players who are new to EA Play can claim a one-month subscription for a whopping total of $0.99.

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