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Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 Won’t Be Like Breath of the Wild

Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 Won’t Be Like Breath of the Wild

by Ali Mahmud

An Ubisoft Forward event in scheduled to take place in September 2024 and if rumors are correct, we’ll be getting our first look at Immortals Fenyx Rising 2. Originally known as Gods and Monsters before a forced name change, Immortals Fenyx Rising released in December 2020 with notable similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If a new report is anything to go by, the sequel will shed those similarities but it’ll still be visually stylized. That’s according to known insider and journalist Jeff Grubb.

Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel will reportedly be based on Polynesian culture

In the video above, Grubb claims that Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 (or whatever it’ll be called) will be more of a spin-off than a sequel. Unlike the original, which was inspired by Greek culture, the upcoming game will reportedly be based on the Hawaiian Polynesian culture. Grubb told fans not to expect a release anytime soon as the project is still in pre-production phase. He recons that it should be out by 2025.

Opinion: Immortals Fenyx Rising outstayed its welcome

Zarmena writes… Immortals Fenyx Rising started off well and I was quite enjoying my time with it, but halfway through the story, the game started outstaying its welcome. The clever puzzles became a chore when asked to do them over and over again, the progression was terribly slow, and the whole experience was unnecessarily stretched to the point where I started rushing through the story to get to the end and wrap it up quick. The final few missions had me bored to tears. Classic Ubisoft problem. Here’s hoping the sequel will be more concise, will shed Ubisoft’s cookie-cutter open-world design, and won’t be padded with boring and repetitive quests.

In other news, Capcom’s Monster Hunter Paradise has leaked but it’s unclear if this is the rumored Monster Hunter 6 or a new game entirely, and Hogwarts Legacy’s Collector’s Edition has appeared online.

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