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New Red Dead Redemption Remake Leak Likely False – PlayStation LifeStyle

New Red Dead Redemption Remake Leak Likely False – PlayStation LifeStyle

by Ali Mahmud

Another claim that a Red Dead Redemption remake and next-gen port of Red Dead Redemption 2 has hit social media, but don’t get caught up in the hype. The source is dubious at best, and they are using artwork from a previously debunked “leak.” Despite this, several publications have latched onto the rumor regardless of its lack of legitimacy.

Latest Red Dead Redemption remake/RDR 2 next-gen port rumor is likely false

Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak

Since the PS4 and Xbox One launched, rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remake or port have circulated on a regular basis. However, the frequency of these increased exponentially when RDR 2 was released, and players found that parts of the RDR map were modeled that went entirely unused. Additionally, since Rockstar announced a next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5, we’ve gotten a ton of “leaks” that one was coming for RDR2.

The latest “leak” comes from a Tweet by French game journalist, Chris Klippel, who immediately destroys any credibility by using artwork from a debunked claim that a listing for “Red Dead Redemption – The Outlaws Collection” appeared on Amazon featuring RDR Remastered and an enhanced version of RDR2. They even cropped it to remove “The Outlaws Collection” so people wouldn’t immediately remember the fake leak.

Publications that have run this story have stated things like Klippel has “proved to be reliable in the past when it comes to Rockstar Games’ unannounced projects.” However, we can’t find a single instance where he was 100% on the money. He’s been “predicting” that a Red Dead Redemption port/remake is just around the bend for years now.

The truth is, outside of a tiny crowd, most of those that claim to be “insiders” and “leakers” only get a very narrow look into a game’s development. Surrounding these people are a vast network of flim-flam men who try to repeat what someone more reputable has said in the hopes of riding on their clout. Others just outright make things up because they can just delete the evidence later because it’s not like anyone is keeping track of this stuff. Time will tell where on the scale Klippel falls.

In other news, Norman Reedus leaks Death Stranding 2 again, and Syphon Filter is getting trophies on PS Plus Premium.

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