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PlayStation Hiring a Director for Acquisitions and Investments

PlayStation Hiring a Director for Acquisitions and Investments

by Ali Mahmud

If the news of Embracer Group bagging Square Enix properties wasn’t enough for you today, here’s another one: Sony is hiring a director of corporate development whose role will involve identifying opportunities for PlayStation acquisitions. As spotted by Twitter user Roberto Serrano, the incumbent will be responsible for “inorganic” growth opportunities that also include investments and joint ventures.

Expect more PlayStation acquisitions going forward

The video games industry seems to be in a race to consolidate, and Sony and Microsoft aren’t the only participants. Interestingly, just last week Microsoft published a job advertisement seeking a manager for gaming strategy and development, with the successful candidate working on growth opportunities akin to Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard and Bethesda deals.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) seeks a highly qualified Director, Corporate Development. SIE’s Corporate Development Team works closely with SIE’s management team and is responsible for identifying inorganic growth opportunities through acquisitions, investments or joint ventures,” reads Sony’s ad. “The team sources, evaluates and completes transactions that are aligned with SIE’s strategic priorities and drive significant long-term value for the company.” The company further states that the aforementioned position is a “high profile” role that involves proactively identifying “attractive” opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

Opinion: Games Industry consolidation continues

Zarmena writes… I guess today’s theme is “acquisitions.” Part of me is glad that it was Embracer Group that bagged Square Enix’s properties today because it at least guarantees that neither Microsoft nor Sony will lock their rival systems out of major franchises that are currently multiplatform… not permanently, at least. The main thing that worries me about two arch-rivals going on a shopping spree is the millions of players that are likely to be affected by the unnecessary exclusivity measures. It’s hard to pretend that all these deals are simply growth opportunities when both companies are trying to outsell each other’s systems.

In other news, Square Enix says it’s not doing away with its Western development business entirely, and May’s PS Plus lineup will be available soon.

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