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Popular Games Insider Done With Leaks

Popular Games Insider Done With Leaks

by Ali Mahmud

Popular games insider “The Snitch” has announced that they have quit leaking games. It’s unusual for us to report on something like this, but The Snitch has arguably had quite an impact in the industry over the last year, during which they racked up an impressive amount of accurate leaks – so much so that many in the gaming community firmly believe that The Snitch is (or was) a YouTube employee.

Being a games insider is “not so much fun anymore”

Speaking to Insider Gaming, The Snitch said that they are done leaking games because it’s “not so much fun anymore.” “In the end, users only want to know when GTA VI will be released, or if Messi will be a new Fortnite character,” they said. ” It’s something that doesn’t interest me.”

The Snitch has been behind a number of leaks – from Final Fantasy 16’s release date to Hideo Kojima’s Overdose. Recently, they resorted to leaking games via riddles, a move many thought they made to avoid being caught. When asked about rumors that they are a YouTube employee given their track record of leaking announcements ahead of trailers going live, The Snitch said, “It’s a fun theory.”

Well, adios, Snitch.

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