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PS How? How To Disable PS5 Rest Mode

PS How? How To Disable PS5 Rest Mode

by Ali Mahmud

Though some may enjoy the convenience of having their PS5 automatically put itself into Rest Mode after a set period of time has passed, there are others out there who only want their new-gen Sony systems to turn off manually. Whether this is to do with hosting a multiplayer server for friends, naughty AFK boosting in an RPG, or something else where four hours of uptime isn’t long enough, the ability to disable PS5 Rest Mode would be appreciated. Thankfully, it can be done! Here’s how to turn off automatic PS5 Rest Mode.

How to turn off automatic PS5 Rest Mode

How To Disable PS5 Rest Mode

To turn off PS5 Rest Mode, users should:

  1. Go to the PS5 Settings menu.
  2. Select “System.”
  3. Scroll down to “Power Saving.”
  4. Choose “Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.”
  5. Select either or both options and choose the “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” option.
  6. The PS5 will no longer automatically put itself into Rest Mode.

It’s as simple as that! Though it is buried a little within the PS5 System settings, users shouldn’t have too much trouble configuring the settings to ensure the PS5 never automatically puts itself into Rest Mode.

Of course, users will want to be cautious when disabling the automatic Rest Mode function, as it could result in the PS5 accidentally being left on for many hours, using up electricity and putting the system under unwarranted stress.

Personally, I like to disable Rest Mode when it’s required, but set a reminder to make sure I re-enable it for the future. With energy prices on the rise, at least where I am, I don’t need my PS5 wasting electricity!

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