Home Gaming PS Plus Upgrade Issues Cause Some Players to be Charged Several Times
PS Plus Upgrade Issues Cause Some Players to be Charged Several Times

PS Plus Upgrade Issues Cause Some Players to be Charged Several Times

by Ali Mahmud

The new PS Plus tiers launched in Europe today, but the transition has been far from smooth after many players trying to upgrade their membership were hit with issues and multiple charges. Those trying to upgrade from PlayStation Plus Essential were hit with an error message whenever they tried to make a payment but were still charged, in some cases this happened several times.

PS Plus players were charged multiple times

There are several reports on Twitter of players who were trying to change from PS Plus Essential to Premium but were hit with a “something went wrong” error that prevented them from upgrading their membership. Some people tried to upgrade several times, only to be hit with the same error. The problem is that every time they tried to upgrade, they were charged an upgrade fee.

Sony is yet to make an official comment on the error, although Reddit user u/sheepenator was told by PlayStation support that there was a large backlog of pending orders due to so many people trying to upgrade at once. The issue should be fixed within a day and he should receive a purchase receipt from PlayStation shortly. Others have been given a refund already and are now reporting upgrades to be working perfectly, although we would recommend exercising caution if you want to change your PS Plus membership.

Other issues that are cropping up at the moment include players being unable to stream PS Plus games to their PCs, mainly due to some games having mislabeled platforms in the PC app. Tekken 2 also appeared at a rather expensive price again, although this time it was a far more reasonable fee of AU$600. This has since been corrected and the game remains exclusive to PS Plus Premium subscribers.

In other news, Super Stardust Portable was the last launch title to arrive on PS Plus Premium but it finally joined the service today. Elsewhere, PS5 supply issues are still causing its console sales to fall behind those of the Xbox Series X|S in Japan.

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