Home Gaming PSVR 2 Orders Are Starting to Ship in the US — Report
PSVR 2 Orders Are Starting to Ship in the US — Report

PSVR 2 Orders Are Starting to Ship in the US — Report

by Ali Mahmud

Early adopters of the new PlayStation VR headset have shared dispatch emails showing that their PSVR 2 orders have shipped. So far, it’s customers based in the US that have reportedly received dispatch emails. However, with the PlayStation VR 2 soon launching worldwide, other regions like the UK and Europe should start to receive emails, too.

When are PSVR 2 pre-orders shipping?

PSVR 2 pre-orders have seemingly started shipping in the US with delivery estimates of February 22.

As shipping times in the US are relatively long compared to other regions like Europe, an earlier dispatch is likely necessary in order to meet the Feb 22 launch date. With that said, it’s possible that speedy couriers could get the new VR headset into the hands of players a little earlier.

Twitter user @Jwags412 shared their dispatch email:

Reddit user u/GentleBreeze96 also shared their dispatch message:

PSVR2 has shipped! It’s almost time to experience greatness. What game will you be trying first? from playstation

Reddit user u/ExistingArm1 claims to have also received the email, saying: “I got the email too. Projected to be delivered by the 22nd!”

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