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The Legend of Dragoon Trophies in the Works

The Legend of Dragoon Trophies in the Works

by Ali Mahmud

The Legend of Dragoon will be supported with trophies, according to a new report. The beloved PS1 classic will be part of the upcoming PS Plus Premium games line-up, which is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, February 21st.

The Legend of Dragoon trophy list may be added post launch

Folks over at TrueTrophies claim that they were told by a “trusted source” that The Legend of Dragoon will get trophy support. However, trophies may or may not be available at launch.

“The Legend of Dragoon will have trophies,” the unnamed source is quoted as saying. “Hopefully, on release day. If not, very soon after.”

At the time of this writing, the trophy list doesn’t appear on either TrueTrophies or PSNProfiles. If they’re not up by tomorrow, we’re guessing they’ll be added post launch (if the report is true, that is).

Fans were delighted when Sony first announced that PS Plus Premium classics will come with trophy support. However, adding trophies is up to each studio’s discretion because we imagine it’s quite a bit of work. That said, fans have not been let down thus far, with many beloved classics landing with trophy support.

We’ll update our readers when/if The Legend of Dragoon trophies go live.

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