Home Gaming Rollerdrome Timed-Trial Causes More PS Plus Premium Complaints
Rollerdrome Timed-Trial Causes More PS Plus Premium Complaints

Rollerdrome Timed-Trial Causes More PS Plus Premium Complaints

by Ali Mahmud

Rollerdrome got a PS Plus Premium-exclusive timed trial when the game was released this month, but many players are complaining it doesn’t give players what was promised. All PS Plus Premium timed trials are supposed to give players unlimited access to the game for a period of one hour, but the Rollerdrome demo is not doing this.

How long is the Rollerdrome PS Plus Premium timed trial demo?

Rollerdrome Timed Trial

The Rollerdrome timed trial is 35 minutes long according to Push Square, which is significantly shorter than the 60 minutes promised for the PS Plus Premium demo according to the store page. There is every chance this could be a mistake and that Sony or Roll7 will rectify the issue relatively soon, but fans are still wondering why the demo wasn’t working properly in the first place. The new PS Plus tiers have also been beset with problems that have included license issues that have stopped players from downloading some games, including certain PS Plus Classics. There have also been upgrade issues that caused some players to be charged repeatedly.

The shorter trial has also left PS Plus Premium players complaining about the service’s perceived lack of value since launch. Not only is the new trial about half the length it should be, but there were also no new PS Plus Premium classic games added for August 2024. Meanwhile, there were 13 new PS4 and PS5 games added to PS Plus Extra. While Sony could argue these are also a PS Plus Premium benefit, players are asking why they should pay more money when they get very little extra content. Sony is yet to reply to any of the comments or

In other news, the PS5 is still the best-selling US console of 2024 according to NPD. Elsewhere, a Days Gone movie is reportedly in the works at Playstation Productions.

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