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PlayStation Showcase to be Held in September Says Latest Rumor

PlayStation Showcase to be Held in September Says Latest Rumor

by Ali Mahmud

The next Playstation Showcase for 2024 will take place in September according to the latest rumor. With Gamescom fast approaching next week and PlayStation already confirmed to not be appearing at the event, players had been left wondering if they’d get to see a PlayStation show this year outside of the shorter, themed PlayStation Directs, and it seems like we won’t be disappointed.

When will PlayStation Showcase 2024 be held?

Spider-Man 2

PlayStation Showcase 2024 will be held at some point during September according to renowned leaker Dust Golem, who said there would be “an event” during the month. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise seeing as Sony traditionally holds a PlayStation Showcase during the September of every year. The 2024 Showcase was held on September 9 while the 2020 Showcase aired on September 16. The chances are that the event will be held during the first half of the month and we will hopefully hear more about it soon.

Players will be hoping for appearances from games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, as well as first glimpses at projects like Haven’s new game. While the contents of the show are largely unknown at the moment, Dusk Golem seemingly confirmed that the recently-leaked Helldivers 2 will be making an appearance. The gameplay footage of Helldivers 2 that was swiftly removed shortly after it was leaked was recorded by Dusk Golem, although he never attended for it to go public:

There’s a certain clip floating around today that’s public through my fault because I think I slipped up sharing something with someone that got circulated without me knowing. I apologize for that, it won’t happen again.

In other news, the Rollerdrome PS Plus Premium timed trial is causing complaints for being far shorter than it should be. Elsewhere, the PS5 is still the best-selling US console in 2024 according to NPD.

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