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Silent Hill Reveal May Be Arriving Later This Month

Silent Hill Reveal May Be Arriving Later This Month

by Ali Mahmud

A Silent Hill reveal might be coming sooner than we think, according to a tweet from industry insider Andy Robinson of VGC. Another insider Jeff Grubb then replied with a GIF of Earth, Wind, and Fire singing September, hinting that this may be the date of the reveal. Even Tom Henderson chimed in, replying that he’s taking Andy’s word “as gospel,” though this is probably just a joke. Some anticipated that Hideo Kojima, in an outside shot, would announce something related to Silent Hill at Gamescom 2024’s Opening Night Live, but he only revealed a podcast called “Brain Structure.”

When will this Silent Hill reveal happen?

Our best bet is that the reveal is indeed the “world-famous series” that Konami is slated to announce at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Of course, we’ve been burned before by Silent Hill rumors, but the stars seem to be aligning for a new Silent Hill to be announced this time. Konami will be showcasing its upcoming games at TGS in a 45-minute segment on September 16 with actor Yuki Kaji as a host. So that’s plenty of time to show off additional games of other franchises in its catalog like Metal Gear, Suikoden (for which Kaji was a voice actor), and Castlevania, if we’re lucky.

So far, we’ve had two batches of leaked Silent Hill screenshots in May that supposedly date back to 2020 from a rumored project with the series. Many of the shots were taken down via copyright strikes presumably by Konami, which only provided evidence that the images were real.

Even before this, though, there were multiple Silent Hill games speculated to be in development. There’s one from Bloober Team which is purported to be a Silent Hill 2 remake that’s reportedly a timed PlayStation exclusive. Then according to VGC, the other two could be an episodic series by Annapurna Interactive, the developer for Stray, and a main Silent Hill game from a Japanese studio. So it’s only a guess as to which Silent Hill project Robinson is talking about, though the remake is the best bet of the three.

In other news, Ukraine dev Frogwares has started a controversial contest involving messages on live Howitzer shells, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage has been officially announced.

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