Home Gaming The Last of Us 1 Remake Dev Responds to “Cash Grab” Comments
The Last of Us 1 Remake Dev Responds to “Cash Grab” Comments

The Last of Us 1 Remake Dev Responds to “Cash Grab” Comments

by Ali Mahmud

Sony’s official announcement of the long-rumored The Last of Us 1 remake didn’t quite go how the company had hoped. The 2013 game, which has been remastered before and is playable on the PS4 and PS5 both, is getting a “complete” remake for the PS5 and PC this September. Despite having a massive fan base, players are of the view that this release is entirely unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. Others call it a cash grab – something that PlayStation Studios staffer Robert Morrison has taken issue with.

The Last of Us 1 remake dev’s statement on “cash grab” criticisms

Morrison, who apparently now works for Bend Studio, is the developer who previously teased that Sony has some “bangers” coming out in 2024 other than God of War Ragnarok. We theorized at the time that he was referring to the remake in question and that certainly seems to be the case. Responses to the aforementioned tweet were largely negative, with fans questioning how else Sony can justify investing time and resources into this project.

Worth noting that despite criticisms, The Last of Us Part 1’s Firefly Edition is already sold out everywhere, with fans in regions outside the U.S. demanding the Firefly Edition as well. For its part, Naughty Dog has said that it has noted the request and has “passed the message along.”

The Last of Us Part 1 remake’s release will also serve to drum up interest in the upcoming HBO show, which has yet to be dated.

In other news, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is reportedly entering external playtesting soon so it’s not dead after all, and a long-forgotten Japan-only PS1 game is getting an English translation after 22 years.

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