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The Witcher 3 PS5 Upgrade Mods Fix Map Issues

The Witcher 3 PS5 Upgrade Mods Fix Map Issues

by Ali Mahmud

CD Projekt Red has revealed the features coming to The Witcher 3 PS5 upgrade, such as the inclusion of community-made mods that will fix map inconsistencies and help with other aspects of the new version. There are also mods made by CD Projekt Red as well as two graphics modes and free DLC inspired by the Netflix series.

Improving The Witcher 3 PS5 upgrade with mods

CD Projekt Red has curated a selection of community-made mods to include within the PS5 version when it is released next month. These include those that upgrade character models to 4K resolution, refresh monster models, and fix visual bugs, immersion, and map inconsistencies.

The developer hasn’t left everything to the community, though. They’ve made their own gameplay improvements and mods with new features like quick sign casting making it easier to cast Witcher signs in combat. There is also “more UI and map customization options, an alternative camera, environmental and character model improvements, [and] faster herb looting that skips the loot selection window.” Some of the game’s long-term bugs will be finally fixed too.

As well as the mods, there will be two graphics modes for PS5 players. Performance mode will give players 60FPS gameplay. Meanwhile, Quality mode only gives 30FPS but enables ray tracing. Other new features mentioned in the new next-gen update trailer include cloud saves and a Photo Mode.

Finally, the new “The Witcher” Netflix tie-in DLC includes two new armor sets and a steel and silver sword for Geralt, a new outfit for Dandelion, new armor for Nilfgaardian soldiers, and a new “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” quest. This DLC will be coming to both PS5 and PS4 and it was implied the DLC will launch alongside the PS5 upgrade.

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