Home Gaming There Was Only One Person Playing Babylon’s Fall on PC Last Wednesday
There Was Only One Person Playing Babylon’s Fall on PC Last Wednesday

There Was Only One Person Playing Babylon’s Fall on PC Last Wednesday

by Ali Mahmud

Babylon’s Fall PS5, PS4 console exclusivity is probably one of the worst deals Sony could have struck. If the term “dead game” is ever added to a dictionary, Babylon’s Fall should be used in a sentence explaining its meaning. Sounds a bit harsh, but that’s the only way to describe a game that fell to a whopping one “concurrent” player on Steam last Wednesday, May 4th, as revealed by SteamCharts (via VGC). Yikes!

Babylon’s Fall PS5 is currently the console’s worst-rated exclusive

babylons fall update

Babylon’s Fall PS5 version unseated Godfall (maybe “fall” is a cursed word) to become the console’s worst-rated exclusive to date. It also holds the honor of being PlatinumGames’ worst-rated release – a shame considering how talented the studio that gave us Nier: Automata is. Despite its efforts to somehow breathe life into the game, it seems like Babylon’s Fall might just be a lost cause unless Square Enix can pull off what Hello Games did with No Man’s Sky. But considering that every aspect of Babylon’s Fall is poorly executed, we’re not so sure that’ll work.

“No, there are no plans to scale down development on Babylon’s Fall,” the development team said in a statement back in March. “We will continue to bring new content to the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep existing players and attract newcomers.”

While we don’t have access to PS5 and PS4 player data, it’s highly unlikely that Babylon’s Fall has a significant player base on console. It’s probably only a matter of time before Square Enix pulls the plug but for PlatinumGames’ sake, things will hopefully improve. Perhaps, releasing the game on Xbox Game Pass will help.

In other news, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly be revealed in early June, and the recent Xbox outage has players praising PlayStation for not requiring annoying DRM check-ins for single-player games.

[Source: SteamCharts via VGC]

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