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Top 6 Actors That Could Play Batman

by Miss.Abi

Since Ben Affleck is not longer playing Batman, there is a need for a decent replacement. As it was
revealed, Matt Reeves is looking for a younger Batman and fans arent really pleased with that.

Ben Affleck   img source: etonline.com

Wemade a list of 6 actors that might be Hollywood’s next Caped Crusader, so take a look, and let us
know what you think.

Michael Fassbender   img source: factinate.com

Michael Fassbender has award show recognition for his superhero roles, so he could be the great Batman. Yet, there might be a problem with his availability, since he has commitment with X-Men franchise, and his role of Magneto. Batman is a long-term commitmen, so he probably won’t be able to play both characters.

Wes Bentley   img source: femalefirst.co.uk

Bentley might be a TV actor for the past few years, but his roles in Mission Impossible – Fallout, and the upcoming feature The Best Of Enemies, show us that he is ready for movies. In 2006 Bentley claimed to not be interested in playing Batman, but there is a slight possibility that he changed his mind. We will see.

Jake Gyllenhaal   img source: adweek.com

Apart from looking for a younger Batman, Matt Reeves wants a famous face too, and Jake Gyllenhaal checks that box. Gyllenhaal said that the rumors of him being on Reeves’ short list to play Batman aren’t true, but since Ben Affleck is out of the picture, the list probably changed.

Taron Egerton   img source: metro.news

In case DC wants to maintain similarity between Affleck’s Batman and the new Batman, the youngest option from this list might not be the best one. The rumor has it that DC isn’t really worried about that. So maybe now is a good time to see a new version of Batman and his growth as a hero, and therefore Taron Egerton seems like a good option.

Oscar Isaac  img source: pinterest.com

The rumors about Oscar Isaac being on the short-list for the role of Batman surfaced while Ben Affleck was still involved in The Batman. So it is not that crazy to believe that he already has a role in the movie.

Robert Pattinson  img source: usmagazine.com

Robert Pattinson might not be on the top of the head when thinking about next Batman, but the rumor has it that he is on the list of potential actors to play the superhero. Hardcore fans certainly aren’t pleased with the idea at all, but Pattinson might surprise us all.

Do you have your top choice for the role? Make sure you tell us all about it in the comment section down below.

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