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Yes, You Can Pet the Dog in God of War Ragnarok

Yes, You Can Pet the Dog in God of War Ragnarok

by Ali Mahmud

God of War Ragnarok lets players pet the dog. Which dog? Well, you’ll need to dive into the spoiler section below to find out. If you’ve already beaten the game and want to know where exactly the good boy can be found, then read on for the full details.

god of war ragnarok pet dog

Players can pet God of War Ragnarok’s Fenrir

god of war ragnarok fenrir

During the endgame stage of God of War Ragnarok, players can visit the realm of Jotunheim. There, Kratos can explore the area and find Fenrir waiting for a good scratch. Hit the interact button to give the giant wolf some well-deserved love.

Ragnarok’s good ending is achieved by stroking the giant good boy, while the evil ending leaves Fenrir unscratched and unhappy. All players should strive to achieve the former!

Though many wolves populate Ragnarok, I only managed to give Fenrir a pet during the endgame. I guess you really have to earn that joy.

It’s good to see developer Santa Monica Studio embracing this meme and I look forward to more video games where dog-petting is supported.

Still wondering if God of War Ragnarok is worth picking up? Read the PSLS review for our final verdict. While I loved the game, another reviewer is receiving harassment over their 6/10 score.

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