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CD Projekt RED’s First Original IP Will Be an RPG

CD Projekt RED’s First Original IP Will Be an RPG

by Ali Mahmud

It looks like CD Projekt RED‘s first original IP, code named Hadar, will be a role-playing game. In an earnings presentation yesterday, the studio revealed that it had started toying with the concept several years ago and began early-stage conceptual work in 2024 but it hasn’t gone beyond that thus far. Later during a conference call with investors, business development board member Michał Nowakowski said that genre-wise, players should expect the type of games CD Projekt RED is known for.

Hadar is entirely a CD Projekt RED game

Unlike The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, Hadar is “incubated entirely within CD Projekt RED,” according to Nowakowski. From the sound of things, the game will either release towards the end of this generation or will be a new-gen release entirely. “It is important to understand that right now we are still working on basic concepts and laying the groundwork for this new franchise,” Nowakowski stressed.

CD Projekt RED shied away from giving any details and didn’t outright confirm that Hadar will be an RPG but Nowakowski said that “when it comes to the genre, we do certain types of games and I think it’s safe to assume that we want to continue to do the games within that kind of genre, so you can imagine what kind of game to expect.” That’s an RPG, for sure.

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