Home Gaming Elden Ring Sales Numbers Top 16.6 million Copies Worldwide in 4 Months
Elden Ring Sales Numbers Top 16.6 million Copies Worldwide in 4 Months

Elden Ring Sales Numbers Top 16.6 million Copies Worldwide in 4 Months

by Ali Mahmud

Elden Ring has sold 16.6 million copies as of the end of June. The game took the world by storm when it was released in February. It’s shown unusually high staying power for a single-player title and continues to enjoy healthy player counts.

Elden Ring is on track to be the best-selling game of 2024

Bandai Namco’s financial results were released yesterday and show just how much of a hit Elden Ring continues to be for the company’s video game sales. The game has contributed to a 55% year-on-year profit increase, which only continues to rise as more copies are sold.

Despite the good news, Bandai Namco is being realistic. The company forecasts a decrease in overall profit of 24.5% for the financial year due to a lack of other big game releases. This isn’t a surprise as game sales are down worldwide due to economic instability and other factors.

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco’s financial report didn’t include any details about the company’s future plans. We know that FromSoftware has several games in development, including one that is nearly complete, and Elden Ring DLC is likely coming. However, there are still no details available concerning these projects.

Opinion: FromSoftware’s Next Title Should be Armored Core 6

Jason writes: Most people just know FromSoftware from its Souls games, but it used to develop a more diverse spread of games. Among them was the Armored Core series, which is about as far as you can get from Elden Ring when it comes to subject matter. I’d love for FromSoftware to go back to its roots and create a mecha game to fill the void in my heart.

There hasn’t been a decent mecha game since Gundam Breaker 3 came out, and FromSoftware has the chance to basically reboot the genre. It’ll also prevent the studio from getting pigeonholed as being a developer that only makes Souls games.

In other news, Embracer bought Lord of the Rings, and Dead Island 2’s release date might have been revealed.

[Source: Gamebiz.jp]

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