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How to Pre-order PS5 INZONE H9, H7, H3 Headsets

How to Pre-order PS5 INZONE H9, H7, H3 Headsets

by Ali Mahmud

Knowing where and how to pre-order the PS5 INZONE H9, H7, and H3 headsets will give those hoping to beat the “out of stock” messages, which are pretty much inevitable with any recent PS5-affiliated launch, a good chance of buying one. Though the INZONE headsets are made by Sony for a wide range of devices, including PCs, you only have to look at the design of them to see how they match perfectly with the PS5. Therefore, there’s no doubt going to be a rush of PlayStation fans hunting for this new peripheral. If that’s you, here’s how to pre-order them.

Where to pre-order PS5 INZONE headsets

To pre-order the PS5 INZONE headset, users can head to the official Sony website or Best Buy.

  • Pre-order INZONE H9 from Sony or Best Buy.
  • Pre-order INZONE H7 from Sony or Best Buy.
  • Pre-order INZONE H3 from Sony or Best Buy.

When is the new PS5 INZONE headsets release date?

The new PS5 INZONE headsets all release on July 7.

For those who pre-order ahead of the release date, stock is expected to be delivered on the release date. This means that you may get a dispatch email before July 7, with the shipment being delivered on release day.

Of course, if you’re picking up your pre-order from a physical store, it will be ready to collect on July 7.

How much are the PS5 INZONE gaming headsets?

There are three PS5 INZONE gaming headsets, the H9, H7, and H3, which have the following prices:

  • INZONE H9 – $299.99
  • INZONE H7 – $229.99
  • INZONE H3 – $99.99

As the price increases, so do the features offered by the headset. The most premium INZONE headset, the H9, features ambient noise cancelation.

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